The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Newcastle


I don’t know about you, but coffee is my life blood. I live, breathe and practically cry the beans.

I loved living in Newcastle. Uni was definitely one of the best few years of my life and I could not have gotten through it without coffee.

Whether you’re a flat white kinda queen or a cortado king, I have complied a list of the best non-big boy-chain coffee shops for all your Arabica needs. 

Coffee Trader 

I don’t know if it’s written in the contract that everyone who works in coffee trader has to be a lovely person, because everyone I interacted with was just so nice!

I decided to try the latte as they told me that it was their most popular coffee drink and I was not disappointed. It was smooth and velvety, just what I want in a latte, and the pattern on top gave it that little extra oomph. I also just had to add a splash of honeycomb syrup from their extensive collection of flavours.

Try a slice of the carrot cake, I definitely recommend it!

Coffee Trader has a really chilled out vibe. Whether you’re with friends, meeting someone for work or even just going to study this is a great place to do so. 

Here are some key facts about the café:

Non-dairy alternatives?: Yes

Charge for them?: Not for soy, 20p for Oat and Coconut

Location: Just off Northumberland St. 16 Northumberland St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7EL

Honeycomb latte

Coffee Yolo

Although the name is a little 2017 cringe, YOLO is great if you want something quick and cheap without sacrificing quality. As part of The Stack, an awesome shopping location, the inside of YOLO is really small so if you’re with a group of friends, sitting in might be tricky. Despite this, the interior is super chic and gives the space a cute, boutiquey vibe.

I ordered a Flat White and that qualified for the £1.50 coffee offer! All their 8oz coffee’s are only £1.50, meaning I could get a proper treat (because the coffee is awesome) whilst not feeling guilty about spending.

Be careful- the coffee’s here are HOT! It helps to get a sleeve and make sure to give it a minute if you don’t want a burnt tongue (I learnt that the hard way!).

Non-dairy alternatives?: Yup

Charge for them?: No cost 

Location: Stack

Flat White

Camber Coffee

Camber was the one that surprised me the most whilst compiling this list. Being above a cycle shop, you wouldn’t think that the décor would be any good, right? Wrong. Camber is absolutely beautiful, with light wood tables and lots of greenery. The natural light also gives the room a really calming atmosphere. 

Out of all the cafes I visited, this was the best place to come and work. The Wifi is free and fast and there are tons of tables with a lot of space. 

I ordered a Vanilla Iced Latte with the house blend. What I liked about this one was that it did not taste syrupy at all, which can be a problem in flavoured iced coffees. 

These guys don’t just make good coffee, they also know their stuff. They have multiple blends to choose from, with a few different origins- I for one can’t wait to go back and try some more! (Also bonus point: the staff here were so lovely to chat to!)

Non-dairy alternatives?: Yah boi

Charge for them?: Nah boi

Location: Above Cookson’s Cycles. 33-35 Market St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JE

Pink Lane Coffee

Like Camber, these guys know their stuff when it comes to coffee. They have multiple blends to try, including two from Brazilian female roasters (yass feminism, big thumbs up from me!), and sell their coffee in bags if you want to take some home. 

PLC has a cool, edgy vibe but is a pretty good place to work too due to its free Wifi!

I got a Flat White, which came in a glass as opposed to a mug, something which made me feel very fancy- I’m not going to lie! The coffee itself was quite intense, so if you don’t like a very strong flavour I would recommend trying a longer drink, but for strong coffee lovers this is the drink for you. I also had a cheeky monch on a beautiful Dulce de Leche banana loaf (the slice was quite thin- still tasted good though!)

Non-dairy alternatives?: Yes

Charge for them?: 20p (they are considering getting rid of it!)

Location: Opposite Central Station. 1 Pink Ln, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5DW

The Grand

Campus Coffee had the glow up of the century when it turned into The Grand last summer. Not only did the coffee significantly improve, but the light blue themed décor is stunning! If it is before 4 (sadly it closes then), I would choose to stay on campus when I was a student and get my drink here 100%. 

They also sell sandwiches, pasties and cakes which makes it a super lovely spot for students to take a nice break from studying.

This round I was on a cappuccino without the chocolate (its healthier that way right?) and it was pretty good! It’s awesome to have a place that does such great coffee on campus.

Non-dairy alternatives?: Yes (soy and oat)

Charge for them?: 30p for oat

Location: Newcastle University Campus. 162 Northumberland St. 

So there you have it! Five of my favourite Coffee Shops in Newcastle City Centre. Next time you’re procrastinating, try procaffinating instead and check them out!

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