Sunshine and Mood


It’s sunny! :O

And you know what that means: Drinks (or coffees if you’re me) in the sun, bragging over the slightest tan lines and all the big hairy bellies you never wanted to see.

But for alot of people, myself included, the sun also brings a change in mood. I always find myself feeling happier in the sunshine, even when I’m sweating glowing from the heat. I always thought it was becuase I was a summer baby (June 22- birthday is coming up!) but it turns out there may be an actual scientific reason for it.

Cornwall 2020

Seasonal Affective Disorder

(Information is from the NHS website)

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD or Winter Depression is a form of depression that tends to arrive in the winter and leave in the summer.

Although the cause is not 100% confirmed, most evidence points to the decreased sunlight exposure in the colder months. The main theory right now is that when there is less sunlight the body produces less seratonin (hormone that affects mood) and less melatonin (hormone that affects sleep).

Oh to sleep as soundly as this fox…
(Image from Pixabay)

Now mix that in with someone who has Chronic Fatigue and you have a winter full of darkness and exhaustion (not to be dramatic).

But that means when the sun comes out (which, lets be honest in the UK is a rare occasion), there is a noticable difference in not just my mood, but also my fatigue levels!

That’s not to say I’m cured on sunny days…

Far from it! Often prolonged periods in the heat will trigger flares of exhaustion. The illness never fully goes away but when you’re driving past the beautiful green trees, sunlight streaming through them on your way to work, you start the day off in a far better mood than seeing nothing but grey sky.

A beautiful sunset on a local street

Think you have SAD?

One of the things that I use- even in the summer when I’m in darker places- is a SAD lamp.

It is a portable form of light therapy and emits lights designed to mimic sunglight. They may also be called Light Boxes. I have attatched the link to the one I personally use below:

That being said… this is only my personal recommendation.If you are struggling from any mental illness I would always advise seeking medical advice.

Time for some fun in the sun!

If the weather where you are is as fantastic as it is here, take advantage and get some of that sweet, sweet vitamin D!

(Image from Pixabay)

Even uf you’re a spoonie confined to your bed, try and get the window open or a bit of time in the garden!

Remember: hydrate, feel great and make sure to wear UV Protection Suncream.

Now get off your phone/computer and go enjoy the sun!

Much love,

Charlotte x

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