Upcoming Travels: Cornwall


T-Minus 51 Days until my UK Vacay!

Even though life will have hopefully gone back to (relative) normal by then, Max and I have decided to staycation again this year instead of going abroad.

Why? Becuase Covid will definitely still be around even if things have opened up again and even though we are double vaccinated (ill people perks 😉 ), I personally would wait a couple more months before going aborad. Also, we are saving money at the minute for our 2023 cruise around South Japan!

When the sun is shining, I bet I could show you a picture of a Cornish beach, tell you it’s Thailand and have you believe me. It is beautiful! We spent a week there last year and honestly I cannot wait to go back.

I really need a holiday…

I know everyone says that but believe me: I really need a holiday.

With the pandemic, working 6 months in my first office job, my chronic fatigue and more, it’s gotten to a point when life is getting on top of me a little! I also get really stir crazy if I’m in the same place for a long period of time. Even if it’s for a day or two, I have to get somewhere different every once in a while to stop me going (more) crazy!

I’ve been to visit Newcastle and Manchester recently which have been great, especially because I see family and friends, but it’s also because I see family and friends that it doesn’t feel like that much of a seperation. Do you get what I mean?

I want to walk on unfamiliar streets, see the ocean, try local food, marvel at architecture I haven’t seen before, and feel the sense of freedom only travelling can give you.

I need a reset.

What I see in my dreams 😛 (iStock)

So whats the plan?

Having been and done some of the things I wanted to do in Cornwall last year, this year I have the chance to not only try new things but return to some old favourites.

Being the Type-A esque traveller that I am, I love pre-planning as opposed to just gonig with the flow. Normally pre-trip you can find me scrolling through pinterest and instagram looking for inspiration and this trip is no different.

Last time

When I went in July 2020, in the brief moments of Covid respite (before the government went tits up again), I had a blast. I ate an award winning proper Cornish Pasty from Rowe’s Cornish Bakers, saw the most adorable sea floofs at the Cornish Seal Sancturay and got the most pathetic excuse for a tan (I’m so white y’all…) on Praa Sands Beach. I also saw the most incredible natural beauty at the Eden Project and Trebah Gardens.

Eden Project

As far as places I’d go back to, I would definitely visit Praa Sands again, it was one of the the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to! I loved walking around the streets of Falmouth and since it is near the flat we are staying in, I expect I’ll be there quite a bit. We very briefly went to Healey’s Cornish Cyder Fam but it was only to pick up some Rattler (best cider ever) from the shop. I would love to go and get a tour of the place this time around!

Trebah Gardens

This year

One place I’m dying to visit is the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I love beautiful gardens and seeing the flora and fauna. I didn’t have time to make it here last time so it is a must this time around.

The next thing I really really want to see is St. Michael’s Mount. It is built on a small island surrounded by water- so visiting it is very much dependant on the weather. You have to buy tickets in advance but if there is bad weather, they say they will try and give you 24h notice and give you a full refund.

St. Michaels Mount (dreamstime.com)

Another castle I would like to visit is Tintagel Castle which is said to be the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur! Other locations I might try to visit are St.Ives, Padstow, and Trevose Head.

I’m just so excited to get away! Oh to relax on the beach, take in the sights and grab a yummy late breakfast with Max overlooking the sea- what a dream!

Only 51 days to go! I’m counting 😉

Much love,

Charlotte x

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