York: The Weird and Wonderful


When you have a few hours spare in the most haunted city in the world, it’s only right that you go exploring!

I’ve been to York before. I’ve seen the York Minister, I’ve fangirled over the Harry Potter Stores in The Shambles and walked along the castle walls. But this time, I was on a mission. I wanted to find the weirdest and most wonderful shops in this weird and wonderful city.

I like to think I succeeded! Check out my finds below.

The Portal Bookshop

Walkin into this independant bookstore was like walking through a portal (hehehe get it?) into a world of LGBTQA+ celebration. The shelves were lined with both fiction and non-fiction LGBTQA+ books, flags and badges and the person who owned the shop was so lovely and a pleasure to talk to!

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQA+ community, or an ally like mysel, you are welcomed with such a lovely warmth into this store. If you’re wanting to grab an awesome fantasy novel or educate yourself on social issues, then why not choose to head to this local business instead of the nearest chain?

Want to head there yourself? Find it here:

The Portal Bookshop
5 Patrick Pool
York, England YO1 8BB

Or check them out on Social Media!


York Armoury

Much like these bewilderesd strangers, I too was in drawn in by the weapons on display in the window of the York Armoury. You might have notice the Keyblades (big up Kingdom Hearts) or mayve the crazy masks, dragons or full sized shields is what grabbed your attention, but for me, as soon as I saw this display I just had to go in.

The shop itself is a clustered mixture of both fan replicas of classic weapons (such as Mjolnir!), collectables, armour and real ass swords. Being a massive weeb, the Katanas were the think I was most excited to see. Sadly I neither had the funds, or the need, for a`sword of my own so looking had to be enough for me.

Check them out here!

15-19 Stonegate
YO26 8AS

Käthe Wohlfahrt

Ok so this one was probably the most fun for me to experience. This place is the real Christmas Wonderland and let me tell you, Christmas isn’t just in December for these folks.

Whilst you’re not normally allowed to take photos, the staff inside were lovely enough to allow me to take a few to show you guys a sneak peak!

Founded in 1964, this German company embodies everything Christmas. From beautiful tree decorations to beautiful statues, you feel like you are transported to a Winter Wonderland, no matter what the season. There is even an entire room just made of genuine German Black Forest Cuckoo clocks!

Walking around the shop, you feel pure joy and wonder whilst each room unveils a new surprise. A must see from me!

Give them a visit here:
17-19 Stonegate
Mulberry Hall, York

York Ghost Merchants

Fans of the occult may already know this, but York is the most haunted city in the world! Situated on the Shambles, York Ghost Merchants pays tribute to this in such a lovely way. If you’re looking for a souvernir from your trip- this is the place to go.

Made from a water based material that I’m not allowed to say (but if you know me personally it is something work with myself!), this shop sells the most adorable mini ghosts! Each one is unique in it’s design, so your ghost will be one-of-a-kind. You can see my very own Ghost Jojo in the pictures below (yes I named it whilst watching Jojo’s Bizarre adventure…).

The way the shop is designed, including the low light and staff costumes, walking into the small space feels almost like you’ve almost stepped back in time to haunted Victorian England! There are little surprises hidden throughout the shop which I wont spoil for you, but they are. such a joy to discover.

Oh… and check out the mini working train!!

You can find these guys on The Shambles but the full address is:
6 Shambles

The Weird and Wonderful

These 4 stores are the weirdest and most wonderful you can find in the world’s most haunted city (in my opinion 😉 ).

Have you been to any of them? Let me know!

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