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What Is a Spoonie?

If you follow my instagram (@livinglifefree__ cheeky plug) then you know I talk about being a spoonie. But for those outside of the chronic illess community, you might be wondering what it actually means. It all comes from ‘Spoon Theory.’ Spoon Theory is a metaphor to help people with chronic illnesses describe their struggles. ‘Spoonie’ […]

Work Work Work

Hey guys, long time to no post! Sorry for the lack of content recently but I’ve been going through a move, changing jobs etc- it’s been a bit crazy (+ we’re in a pandemic…) Speaking of jobs, that’s what I’m going to talk to you guys about today. For the past few months I’ve been […]

Sleepless Nights

One of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue is insomnia. Thankfully for me it doesn’t show up too often but when it does, its a bitch. Once in a while, I’ll have a night where I lie in bed, completely unable to sleep. Then I get frustrated that I can’t sleep which makes it all worse […]

Essential Oils: Lavender Sleep and CFS

One of the most important things for people with chronic fatigue is to make sure we get a good amount of sleep. I have had struggle sleeping my entire life. If it is noisy around me then there is almost 0% chance that I will manage to get a good night’s rest. It’s the same […]

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Newcastle

I don’t know about you, but coffee is my life blood. I live, breathe and practically cry the beans. I loved living in Newcastle. Uni was definitely one of the best few years of my life and I could not have gotten through it without coffee. Whether you’re a flat white kinda queen or a cortado king, […]

ConGRADulations- I made it!

Something huge has happened guys. I graduated! Being in the class of 2020 means my physical graduation sadly wont take place for a few months but the diploma is in my (virtual) hands and I am officially free of organised education forever!!!!! Now why am I making a huge deal out of it? Studying with […]

8 Exciting Eats- Manchester

With the government asking us all to eat out to help out, I thought I’d put together a few of my favourite food spots in Manchester to help you guys out when you can’t decide what to eat. Want to grab a quick bite or relax into a good meal with a cocktail? Check out […]

5 Tips for Travelling with an Illness

Travelling with a chronic illness, or anything that provides a limitation on your life can seem like a daunting task but there are steps that you can take to make it way easier! Here are 5 tips that I find really useful when planning my trips. 1. Stay somewhere with a Kitchen Diet is important […]

First Steps

3 weeks ago I decided to make a change. For the last 3 years I have been living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Newsflash- it sucks. Imagine you have an energy scale with 1 being a regular person after a good night’s sleep and 10 is being about to pass out: the most energetic I […]

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