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Parklife 2021: How to do a festival with a Chronic Illness

If you’ve been following my Instagram @livinglifefree__ then you’ll know that a few weeks ago I went to Parklife. What is Parklife? Parklife is a music festival in Heaton Park, Manchester. It is one of the UK’s biggest festivals and you’ll find the headliners are always big names. Most of the music is either quite […]

York: The Weird and Wonderful

When you have a few hours spare in the most haunted city in the world, it’s only right that you go exploring! I’ve been to York before. I’ve seen the York Minister, I’ve fangirled over the Harry Potter Stores in The Shambles and walked along the castle walls. But this time, I was on a […]

Charlotte’s Thoughts: July 19th

Freedom day is almost upon us! Whether or not you agree with Bojo about lifting all restrictions on July 19th* it’s happening. The UK will be out of lockdown and Covid will be treated like the flu- get your vaccine but no more complaning. For many people this news will be a huge sigh of […]

Upcoming Travels: Cornwall

T-Minus 51 Days until my UK Vacay! Even though life will have hopefully gone back to (relative) normal by then, Max and I have decided to staycation again this year instead of going abroad. Why? Becuase Covid will definitely still be around even if things have opened up again and even though we are double […]

Uni for a Spoonie

If you’ve been keeping up with my instagram @livinglifefree__ then you will know that I finally got to wear a graduation gown! I still haven’t had a ceremony (thanks covid…) but putting on that gown and standing infront of Newcastle University’s iconic arches made it feel a bit more offical: I’m a graduate!!! Graduating in […]

Sunshine and Mood

It’s sunny! :O And you know what that means: Drinks (or coffees if you’re me) in the sun, bragging over the slightest tan lines and all the big hairy bellies you never wanted to see. But for alot of people, myself included, the sun also brings a change in mood. I always find myself feeling […]

5 UK Staycation Cities to Visit in 2021

May 17 meant that hospitality and staycations are now back on the table. I don’t know about you but I am dying for a vacation. Work life and chronic fatigue have been tough so I like to think I deserve one right? I know many of you feel the same- you deserve a break! This […]

Charlotte’s Thoughts: Freedom and The Future

As a spoonie, I often wonder about the concept of freedom. So much of my freedom has been stripped from me by my own body. It entraps my own creativity and limits my physicality. How can someone who’s very existence is limited by their own self experience true freedom? Birds and Freedom I know it’s […]

What Is a Spoonie?

If you follow my instagram (@livinglifefree__ cheeky plug) then you know I talk about being a spoonie. But for those outside of the chronic illess community, you might be wondering what it actually means. It all comes from ‘Spoon Theory.’ Spoon Theory is a metaphor to help people with chronic illnesses describe their struggles. ‘Spoonie’ […]

Work Work Work

Hey guys, long time to no post! Sorry for the lack of content recently but I’ve been going through a move, changing jobs etc- it’s been a bit crazy (+ we’re in a pandemic…) Speaking of jobs, that’s what I’m going to talk to you guys about today. For the past few months I’ve been […]


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