Starting My Health Journey


It’s time for me to make a change…

Sometimes you take a look at yourself and realise that the way you live needs to change. Well, that’s what happened to me anyway. I realised that there are many things I am unsatisfied with the way I currently live my life- and whilst I haven’t been satisfied with them for a while, I’ve always been so sure that I couldn’t change anything that I allowed myself to stay stuck in my ways.

With the rise of the ‘that girl’ and ‘clean girl’ trends going around on social media, I became an avid fan. I love the idea of being able to have an organised, healthy lifestyle but as I sat on my bed looking around at my messy bedroom, I got disheartened. Those TikTok girls just weren’t me.

But then I thought, why couldn’t that be me?

Smoothie from Unsplash

There is one thing I want to make clear. Wanting to be like these girls isn’t me thinking I’m not good enough, or skinny enough, or perfect enough etc. That isn’t the (toxic and unreachable) goal here. What I want is the essence of these videos. Things like being in control of their lives, living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly etc. Those are what the videos made me want for myself.

Those who know me or have followed me for a while know that I live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Only a few months ago I had to stop work because I couldn’t handle it, so a healthy lifestyle change was so far from my mind. But thanks to me taking some time to focus on improving how I manage my illness, I’ve gotten to a place where I can not only work properly again, but also where I can think about making these lifestyle changes.

So, what’s the plan?

Doing a dramatic lifestyle change isn’t something that is going to easily happen overnight (trust me I’ve tried the short term approach…). It is something that is going to take considerable time and effort. Sustainable change is something that builds up within you. You can’t play a beautiful Sonata without first putting hours of practice into your instrument, no?

The same goes for lifestyle. You can’t create this wonderful, vibrant lifestyle without first putting in the effort to get the foundation correct.

Image from Unsplash

So, what sort of things will I be aiming to do in my big ol’ lifestyle change?

Here’s the list:

  • Create and stick to a morning routine
  • Eat healthier
  • Come down to a healthier weight
  • Exercise (min) 3 times a week
  • Organise the space around me
  • Focus more of my time on wellness and mindfulness
  • Make more time for the things I enjoy

I’ll be going into what I’ll be doing to achieve all these goals in a (near)future blog post (so make sure to subscribe to get updated!) but for now, I want to go more into the why of what I’m doing.

Salad: Unsplash

What I want to gain.

Being healthy for healthy’s sake is great and a reason enough in itself but there are definitely reasons for me deciding to take this leap.

Chronic Fatigue Management

One of my main reasons is further managing my CFS. Whilst diet and exercise are not cures for chronic illnesses, the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle should transfer over to other aspects of my body- including my condition.
The better a grasp I have on it, the more things I can do in my life unencumbered by symptoms or even the fear of symptoms.

More Energy

Similar to the above, I believe this lifestyle change will help me have a higher energy baseline- meaning I can get more done and do more higher-energy activities throughout the day.

Looking Better

Quick preface to this- all bodies are beautiful and we should all love ourselves exactly as we are. Whilst I am a big promoter of body positivity, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with wanting to look healthier- which in my case will involve losing some weight. You can definitely be curvy and healthy too but for my own personal journey, the outer benefits are a goal too, as well as the (slightly more important) inner benefits.

Creating Lifelong Habits

I’ve used the word sustainable a few times in this article already because it represents the sort of changes I want to make. Short term fad diets may work in the short term but once they end, it is so easy to slip back into old habits (see: me and keto). The changes I am working towards now as 23, are changes that I want to last my whole life!

Journal: Unsplash

5 Social Accounts Inspiring Me Right Now

Earlier I mentioned seeing videos on social media that started me off wanting to make a lifestyle change. I thought I’d share 5 accounts that are providing me with the inspirational and motivation to make these changes.

1. @honeybobabear

I love Honeybobabear. Her organisation videos combined with her bubbly personality make me want to rearrange my entire life until it looks as aesthetic as her Starbucks cup collection. You can check her out here as she organises her bedroom! P.S. I want to be her best friend ngl

2. @journalnicky

Fellow Bullet Journal lovers will enjoy journalnicky just as much as I do! Her journal page designs are the perfect inspiration for your planners. Check her out here.

3. @kaylieestewart

Kaylie Stewart is ultimate #thatgirl goals. We’re taking morning routine, healthy living, workouts- the works. She always makes sure to emphasise doing all these things for you and not for anyone else which is one of the reasons I love following her. Check her TikTok out here!

4. @thehomeedit

OK so whilst I know I discovered these guys from their Netflix show and not on socials, their socials still slap and are always #goals so they make the list. Clea and Joanna are the ultimate organisation queens and I kinda dream about them coming to organise my life, they let me stay and help, we become besties (including Sumner because she rocks) and I start the UK chapter of The Home Edit. You can check out their unreal space transformations here and also on their Netflix Show: Get Organised with The Home Edit.

5. @miriam.gin1

Miriam’s TikTok is full of amazing amazon finds that are meant to make life so much easier! She collects amazingly handy items for all over the home that fit both form and function! You can find her videos here.

Let’s get started.

It’s time to stop talking the talk and time to walk the walk. Walking is enough for now though because I still hate running :P.
I’ve just finished my smoothie and now I’m off to do a workout so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates on my health journey and my next article going into more details of how I’m conducting all the changes.

Charlotte x

What are affirmations? (Plus 10 to start your day!)


What even are affirmations?

You’ve heard the word now and then, with wellness spiritual gurus preaching the power of positivity. Getting up at stupidly early hours and running a 5k with a green juice might be their way of life- but it is certainly not mine. So when I initially heard about affirmations I thought they were a bunch a hooey (yes I just used the word hooey.)

Turns out though… they aren’t hooey at all!

Affirmations are positive phrases or sentences that are used to affirm positivity within us. It’s literally in the name guys.

When you tell yourself over and over that you’re ugly, or not good enough- those thoughts will become habit and your sense of self will only decrease. Affirmations are the opposite of this. By using positivity whilst talking about ourselves- even if at the time we don’t believe it- eventually, with repeated use, our view of ourselves are bound to increase.

The Science.

According to a article, affirmations work in conjunction with the brain’s neuro plasticity.

Do you ever have those dreams where when you wake up, you’re confused because it just seemed so real? You might find that that is due to the brain mistaking imagination for reality. Even in situations that are imaginary, certain parts of the brain may still activate as if you were doing the task in real life.

Regular repetition of affirming statements about yourself can encourage your brain to take these positive affirmations as fact. When you truly believe you can do something, your actions often follow.

Repeatedly thinking, speaking or writing down positive thoughts about yourself will cause the brain to eventually take those thoughts as fact- increasing the positives in the way we view ourselves.

We’ve all had time where we think we’re not smart, ugly, not good enough etc… so it can be hard to say these affirmations when we don’t believe them to be true. But that is precisely why they should be said in those times. We are smart, we are attractive, and we are good enough- now all we need to do is trick our brains into making us believe it!

10 Affirmations to Start You Off

Not sure where to begin? Here are 10 affirmations that you can use in your daily life.

If you’re wanting to make lifestyle changes, remind yourself that you are on the way to being the very best you.

Life can really get us down, but reminding our brain to look at things positively will help us start the day in a better place.

Think you aren’t enough to succeed? Well, you’re wrong. You are brimming with potential and all you need to do is figure out how to access it!

Naysayers and bullies may try to keep us down with hateful words and actions, but at the end of the day, they are inconsequential. We are more than their negativity because we choose to be.

This needs no explanation. Each and every one of us can work towards the life we want to live. Yes external factors will always get in the way but if we believe we can make our lives better, then we will find it easier to take the steps we need to take to reach it.

We can’t hope for our lives to change without being willing to change ourselves. Being open to growth and new possibilities will prepare us for when they come.

Our mistakes don’t define us. What does is how we bounce back from them.

The picture says it all. We are worthy of respect and should not accept anything less.

Life can suck and I can’t tell you that I feel positive and upbeat all the time, not by a long shot. But this affirmation will help our brain to start seeing the world in a brighter light.

Whilst we may be open to change, actually making change is difficult. But, we do have the strength to do so already within us.

Stay Positive Folks

I hope these affirmations will come in handy on the days you struggle to think of some yourself.

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