What are affirmations? (Plus 10 to start your day!)


What even are affirmations?

You’ve heard the word now and then, with wellness spiritual gurus preaching the power of positivity. Getting up at stupidly early hours and running a 5k with a green juice might be their way of life- but it is certainly not mine. So when I initially heard about affirmations I thought they were a bunch a hooey (yes I just used the word hooey.)

Turns out though… they aren’t hooey at all!

Affirmations are positive phrases or sentences that are used to affirm positivity within us. It’s literally in the name guys.

When you tell yourself over and over that you’re ugly, or not good enough- those thoughts will become habit and your sense of self will only decrease. Affirmations are the opposite of this. By using positivity whilst talking about ourselves- even if at the time we don’t believe it- eventually, with repeated use, our view of ourselves are bound to increase.

The Science.

According to a healthline.com article, affirmations work in conjunction with the brain’s neuro plasticity.

Do you ever have those dreams where when you wake up, you’re confused because it just seemed so real? You might find that that is due to the brain mistaking imagination for reality. Even in situations that are imaginary, certain parts of the brain may still activate as if you were doing the task in real life.

Regular repetition of affirming statements about yourself can encourage your brain to take these positive affirmations as fact. When you truly believe you can do something, your actions often follow.


Repeatedly thinking, speaking or writing down positive thoughts about yourself will cause the brain to eventually take those thoughts as fact- increasing the positives in the way we view ourselves.

We’ve all had time where we think we’re not smart, ugly, not good enough etc… so it can be hard to say these affirmations when we don’t believe them to be true. But that is precisely why they should be said in those times. We are smart, we are attractive, and we are good enough- now all we need to do is trick our brains into making us believe it!

10 Affirmations to Start You Off

Not sure where to begin? Here are 10 affirmations that you can use in your daily life.

If you’re wanting to make lifestyle changes, remind yourself that you are on the way to being the very best you.

Life can really get us down, but reminding our brain to look at things positively will help us start the day in a better place.

Think you aren’t enough to succeed? Well, you’re wrong. You are brimming with potential and all you need to do is figure out how to access it!

Naysayers and bullies may try to keep us down with hateful words and actions, but at the end of the day, they are inconsequential. We are more than their negativity because we choose to be.

This needs no explanation. Each and every one of us can work towards the life we want to live. Yes external factors will always get in the way but if we believe we can make our lives better, then we will find it easier to take the steps we need to take to reach it.

We can’t hope for our lives to change without being willing to change ourselves. Being open to growth and new possibilities will prepare us for when they come.

Our mistakes don’t define us. What does is how we bounce back from them.

The picture says it all. We are worthy of respect and should not accept anything less.

Life can suck and I can’t tell you that I feel positive and upbeat all the time, not by a long shot. But this affirmation will help our brain to start seeing the world in a brighter light.

Whilst we may be open to change, actually making change is difficult. But, we do have the strength to do so already within us.

Stay Positive Folks

I hope these affirmations will come in handy on the days you struggle to think of some yourself.

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