Why Sagrada Familia NEEDS To Be On Your Bucket List


If Barcelona’s arguably most famous attraction hasn’t been on your radar before, then now is the time to make a change. The sprawling, multi-towered cathedral can be spotted from miles away, whether by plane or boat and unsurprisingly up close it blows you away. With construction starting in 1882 and it still going on (!!!) this is a Cathedral like no other. It features the artistic style of 9 architects with the overarching vision being created by the legendary Antoni Gaudi and combines the architectural styles of neo-gothic and art nouveux.

Outside the entrance- featuring the Gothic-Architecture side

Should I Pay to Go Inside?

You can come all the way up to the fences and see the basilica up close without having to pay a penny but if you want to get beyond the fence and see the inside, grounds and museum then you need a ticket.

My personal opinion is it is so worth it!!!! Seeing the inside has been on my bucket list for years, having been to Barcelona a few times and the people I am with either not wanting to go in or something has come up which has stopped us, so when I knew I was coming back there was no stopping me.

The inside is breathtaking. Literally. I gasped so hard when I walked in. Gaudi took a lot of his inspiration from nature and imagined the inner chamber to be like a great stone forest, with towering trees (the columns) and light filtering down like sunlight through foliage. It features a minimalist, art nouveux interior that you will not find in any other cathedral in Spain or around the world.

But, the pièce de résistance has to be the multi-coloured stained glass windows. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of churches have these, but trust me when I say you will never see any like this again. A whole spectrum floods the room creating an ethereal light that you just can’t stop staring at. If you want a taste check out these pictures from my visit.

How do I get tickets?

There are lots of sites you can get your tickets from (or you can queue on the day but it might be rammed super busy so I recommend booking in advance.

When I went, my family and I bought skip the queue tickets from Tiqets. They were just under £30pp and provide access to the interior and the museum. They also let you skip the queue completely!

You can also get tickets that allow you to go up a couple of the towers but ew stairs we didn’t do that this time.

I would recommend booking tickets a few weeks in advance as, especially during peak season, it books up very quickly and on-the-day queues can be rather long.

Fun Facts

Need more convincing to come and check out Antoni’s Gaudi’s masterpiece? Here are a few nuggets of information about this Catalonian gem:

  • Gaudi wasn’t actually the first architect to work on the Basilica. The original architect Francisco de Paula de Villar y Lozano but he left the project after just a year.
  • Gaudi spent 43 years dedicated to the Sagrada Familia, focusing solely on it during the final 12.
  • Inspired by the crystalisation of minerals in Nature, Gaudi implements these fantastical shapes throughout.
  • There are 6 central towers, each representing Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the 4 Evangelists
  • The heights of the towers correspond to celestial importance, with the tower representing Jesus Christ being the tallest.
  • The first tower to be finished was the tower dedicated to the Virgin Mary, whom Gaudi was very devoted to.
  • Only a quarter of it was completed when Gaudi died (by a tram accident no less!)

Convinced yet?

If not, then I think this final photo of the roof will do the trick!

The roof inside the Sagrada Famlia

Have you ever been to the Sagrada Familia or do you plan on adding it to your Spanish adventure? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep on living life free!

Charlotte x